Mystic Mountains Online Art Class


There is something mystical about the mountains. They call us to adventure and to challenge ourselves, and also to find stillness and tranquility. Our experiences offer us inspiration and wisdom. In this class, I’ll create artwork from my mountain adventures and invite you to do the same as you create small and magical artworks.

We will explore beautiful watercolour and mixed media techniques, focusing on an Element of Design in each lesson. You will paint a foggy mountain trees scene, create an art journal spread of a mountain memory, and make a small deck of mountain wisdom cards. Let me guide you with technical instructions, and encourage you to draw from your own experiences to personalize your projects. Capture both the imagery and feelings you get from spending time in the mystic mountains with these beautiful little projects.

Comox Valley Workshops 

I teach adult art workshops at Lupine Art Studio in Courtenay, BC. Join us at the NEW LOCATION: A-442 Duncan Avenue. More 2020 classes will be added to Lupine's schedule soon! 

Very Beginner Watercolour


Do you want to live a more creative life? I'm here with inspiration and techniques to guide you.  Art making is an essential practice in my life and I’m delighted when I have the chance to share this passion and experience with others. I teach concrete skills that will give you confidence in your art and open up the possibilities for your expression. I'll guide you as you explore and follow your intuition, and develop your own style. I’m honoured to work alongside you and watch your creativity bloom. I teach acrylic painting, watercolour painting, mixed media painting and collage, drawing, and art journaling.


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