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Meeting Sarah: Instagram Magic

Not long ago, I made a really cool connection with an artist I met on Instagram.

When I was searching for watercolour artists, I came across @sarahsketchables wonderful tiny art. At first I was mesmerized by how tiny her paintings are and her beautiful colour palette. Then I read that she paints these, writes quotes on the back, and leaves them out in her community for others to find and keep or give away! Isn't that awesome? I soon learned that there was more to her story.

"I was working as a janitor at the time and found that it was during the times of solitary sweeping a giant room that my mind would wander. I would find myself realizing how tired and overwhelmed I was about all that was going on in grad school and life. One of these days as I was tearful and feeling pathetic, I went to sweep up what I thought to be a crumpled piece of paper..."continue reading and then come back!

Beautiful, right? The thought of spreading joy to others - when we are feeling down ourselves - cheered my heart. So I decided to make a few of my own tiny art pieces and left one at the local library and another at my community centre.

The story continues...

Sarah ran a giveaway to celebrate her 100th piece of tiny art. I was one of the winners! She sent me two lovely tiny art pieces; one for me to keep and one to leave in my community (see both paintings in the first photo in story).

It was magical receiving her beautifully wrapped parcel. I felt like a child on Christmas day! The fine writing and attention to detail really moved me - it felt so special to get snail mail!

I finally got a chance to to leave her tiny artwork at Milano Coffee shop when I was writing this.

How can you BRING JOY to someone this week?

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